stitch-up of rmt rep on metronet

Metronet management is currently pursuing a vicious disciplinary process against RMT Health & Safety/Union Rep Andy Littlechild.

A Dedicated Rep

Andy has been a rep at MRIS (Metronet Rail Infrastructure Services) for 12 years, where he is known for his complete dedication to the health, safety and welfare of all workers; Metronet employee’s and agency staff alike.
He is also known for his union activity across Metronet as a company, and was instrumental in the RMT’s recent successful campaigns in September last year which stopped management from devaluing Metronet staffs pensions by 10% and halted mass job cuts, and that in April this year opened up the Transport for London pension scheme, free travel on TfL and subsidised travel on Network Rail to new starters, previously denied to them by Metronet.

PPE: By Risk Assessment or by Management Dictation?

For the last 2 years, Andy has been attempting to bring his department (MRIS) into compliance with Metronet company policy regarding the wearing of PPE on site: based on risk assessment; through the established company health & safety procedures. However, MRIS local management have chosen to stubbornly keep their blanket “hard hats at all times” policy in place, repeatedly ignoring clear instructions to comply with Metronet PPE policy from even their own senior managers above themselves!


It seems MRIS management has now decided that Andy’s number is up. They intentionally sidelined him as an H&S rep from a meeting that produced a “bespoke” risk assessment for the job he was working on; adding in the wearing of hard hats which he objected to in writing, stating he wouldn’t work to it accordingly. Next a management “audit” was carried out on site, and Andy was stood down from duty and removed from site.

Sucked in, Chewed up & Spat out!

On reporting to work the following Monday night 15th September, he was hijacked with an unannounced fact finding meeting. His rep was stopped by the Chairperson from even objecting to the conduct of the meeting, and after they finished with him, Andy was banned from contacting his members, from entering company premises and was put out on the street at Sam in the morning with no way of getting home and nowhere to go! Andy is now sat at home waiting to hear whether disciplinary action is to be taken against him. This looks likely in light of the rough treatment he’s had to date!