last week’s forum on the grunwick strike

Last Monday (24th November) we held an “uncaptive minds” forum on the 1976-77 Grunwick strike, where the film processing labs’ – largely Asian and female – workforce staged an arduous battle for union recognition, finding support from other workers, most notably postal workers who refused to deliver Grunwick’s mail and miners who amassed at the picket lines.

Pete Firmin from Brent Trades Council gave a talk and showed a film before a discussion on the lessons for today.

For a copy of the DVD shown – running time 1 hour 4 minutes, director Chris Thomas, produced by Brent Trades Union Council  – write to Brent TUC, 375 High Road, Willesden, London NW10 2JR. £10.00 including p&p.

2 thoughts on “last week’s forum on the grunwick strike

  1. Are the films on the UCS occupation available from anywhere? Given the jobs massacre is most sharply being felt in the area where I live – South Wales, I’m broadly interested in any information, literature, films etc. about occupations, and how workers have fought being made redundancy to help arm me and others of examples of historical struggles in this area


  2. Adamski, I have written you an email. In case anyone else is interested, the answer is that one of the films about the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders occupations is available online, and sections of another… links are featured in the post here

    However, because of the licensing of the website that hosts the films, you can only watch them from an educational establishment or library.


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