january-july 2009: reading group on communism from below

Through the first half of 2009 we are holding reading group meetings every three weeks, with the texts focussing on different conceptions of communism and the organisational forms needed to get there. Click here to see the full list of dates, subjects and texts.

The next meeting is on January 19th, on the subject of “Self organisation and communism from below”.

All meetings start on Mondays at 7pm, and the venue is in central London. We aim to have inclusive and undogmatic discussions, and all are welcome: email uncaptiveminds@gmail.com to register your interest.

The series will run parallel to a series of forums on “capitalism and the working class today”, starting on January 26th: more details to follow.

One thought on “january-july 2009: reading group on communism from below

  1. Our branch of the Worker’s Int’l League, has a political education topic, every meeting. It usually consists of us doing a reading for the week, and a discussion leadoff. That is why we are not afraid, when new comrades are talked to by other groups.

    I’m having a discussion of the Spanish Civil war at my blog. My blog attracts rightists, more than leftists. I need more smart comment from the left.


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