photo-report of action to defend rmt cleaners’ reps

On the morning of January 8th a series of actions were held in defence of two RMT activists victimised by their employer ISS for standing up for cleaners on the London Underground. Feminist Fightback and CAIC activists and RMT members were prominently involved. Clara Osagiede – RMT cleaners’ grade secretary – faced a disciplinary hearing on charges of “gross misconduct” for allegedly failing to return to work after a meeting, while recently elected local rep Mary Boakye, who has an eye condition caused by an injury picked up at work, was appealing against her dismissal for allegedly sleeping during working hours. In both cases the employers’ clear motivation was to break up the organising centre of the cleaners, who last year staged a strike for a ‘living wage’ of £7.45 an hour.

Photos and comments on the day’s protests below.

p08-01-09_084004After leafleting some of the workers milling around at the London Underground depot in Hainault, where Clara is based, ten of us demonstrated for her and Mary’s reinstatement

p08-01-09_084001But then we had a row with an angry depot manager…

p08-01-09_0846… and departed.


Forty of us demonstrated at the ISS office in Maze Hill where Clara and Mary’s hearings took place. For over two hours we chanted a variety of slogans such as “Union-busting? Disgusting! Low wages? Outrageous!”; “Exploitation is a crime, living wage on every line” and “ISS, shame on you!”.


Victimised RMT rep Mary Boakye and London Transport regional organiser Steve Hedley.


Banner on railings of ISS office: safety before profit.


All of the charges against Clara Osagiede were dropped. ISS said that they would not come to a decision on Mary Boakye until the next day.

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  1. Copying a message from an RMT activist:

    Clara’s case was thrown out.

    Mary’s dismissal was upheld for the second time – she was sacked in her absent, when despite giving them her address, which they sent her P45, they claim to have sent the first notice to her old address, stopped her pay because she did not responded, then sacked her.

    RMT Representative Pat O’Brien got get reinstated.
    He represented her at the next hearing, when she was sacked again

    They have today upheld the sacking, so we need some immediate action.

    Wednesday 14th, 1000hrs at London Bridge, 1100hrs at ISS office Greenwhich

    Friday the 23rd 1800hrs Support Mary Campaign meeting with Speakers Bob Crow and others including new Regional Organiser Steve Hedley at the Exmouth Pub Euston 1 Star Cross Road

    We are hoping to get a few other action in between then to also bring the matter to LUL and MetroNOT’s door.


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