monday night’s forum on ‘resisting the recession’


On Monday night we held the first in our new series of ‘uncaptive minds‘ forums on ‘capitalism and the working class today’. The subject of the meeting was ‘resisting the recession’, and 26 people turned out to take part in a discussion on labour movement strategy led off by Christine Hulme (PCS), Chris Ford (The Commune), Steve Hedley (RMT London Transport regional organiser) and Gregor Gall (Professor of Industrial Relations, Hertfordshire Uni). This theme tied in somewhat with the new second issue of The Commune, particularly in that both Christine and Gregor had articles featured.

The next reading group is on Monday February 9th, whereas the next ‘uncaptive minds’ forum is on 16th. The title is ‘the storm in the world economy’, with Kim Moody (US activist involved in rank-and-file publication Labor Notes) and Andrew Fisher (Left Economics Advisory Panel) leading off discussion on the composition of the global working class today and its connexion to the current crisis of capital. Click here for leaflet about February’s meetings.

If you were there, do feel free to post your comments and thoughts.

2 thoughts on “monday night’s forum on ‘resisting the recession’

  1. The recession (depression looming?) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshuffle the deck. I do not mean that in the usual way- fatcats dealing from the bottom of the deck to their friends and to themselves- I mean a chance to shed our culture of capitalism.
    Without a total meltdown this would not be possible.
    Let us hope for the worst as far as capital goes- the worst of and for the worst.
    A true apocalyptic, culture-changing depression and disruption of all capital grid and grip.
    Means losing our slave wage job, sure, but it is a cataclysm we do not have to get blamed for.
    The banks and the suits brought this on all of us- at least we can benefit in the aftermath
    admiring our global lot of rubble and rubbish.
    Do not fear the worst- work and pray for it!
    Let it happen.


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