demo in support of victimised cleaners

There is an ‘unofficial’ (so far) cleaners’ demo, tomorrow Thursday 12th February at 13:00 pm outside Willis’s building at 51 Lime Street, London EC3M

This is a result of negotiations breaking down over the reinstatement of six Unite union activists who were made redundant on the spurious grounds that they could not alter their shift hours exactly as Mitie cleaning company demanded. The dispute is detailed here.

Still doesn’t look like Unite will be supporting them. Please bring placards, banners, whistles, megaphones and anything else that makes noise.

The protest is being supported by Schroders bank cleaners.

To confirm you’re coming, text or call Alberto 07803 634 319

One thought on “demo in support of victimised cleaners

  1. The following letter announcing the demo gives a better idea of the current situation:

    MITIE’s dismissed Workers

    Joseph J. Plumeri Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Willis Group Holdings Ltd
    51 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7DQ

    London, 09th February 2009

    Dear Mr. Plumeri,

    We are 6 cleaners dismissed from your building because we were trying to get better conditions to all the workers. MITIE Cleaning and Support Services Ltd after were asked for increase of wages they changed the working shifts from 7 to 11 pm to work over night 10 to 6 am, that change was a clear move to attack and stop us claiming our rights. After the change an interchange of emails with the company and before any appeal the company illegally send us the P45 dismissing us on grounds of redundancy.
    Following our letter dated 26th January we would like to let you know that we decided to suspend demonstrations on 30th January for request of MITIE to negotiate but unfortunately we could not get our jobs back as requested and even we did not get any alternative or answer so we have decided to start a series of demonstrations outside Willis’s building starting from Thursday 12th February 2009 until we get our jobs back.
    We are appealing to your common sense in order to get our jobs back; we have families to support and children to feed. We are completely sure about the unfairness of the company decision.

    We thank you so much beforehand for the attention given to this matter.


    Edwin Pazmino Group Coordinator
    c.c. Lucinda Cuellar, Cristina Sergio, Etelvina Cristo, Domingas Dias


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