update on the commune’s activities around britain

Communards in Wrexham have been busy pushing a May day march and rally through the local trade council. The theme will be around May day as a workers movement day as oppossed to the racism and hate of the BNP, who are active in the area.

After the march a series of meetings are being arranged around the title “Storming the heavens – alternatives to capitalism”.

Paper sales will also be launched in and around the town centre. Contact Steve Ryan via uncaptiveminds@gmail.com

In the West Midlands we take part in the Coventry Radical Network, whose  next meeting is on Monday April 27th from 7.30pm at Friends’ Meeting House, Hill Street, Coventry. 

The topic of the meeting is Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs), with Dave Green (Northampton Save Our Services) on the fight against Schools PFIs in Northampton – the largest scheme in Europe and a speaker from Coventry Friends of the Earth arguing against the £1 billion PFI Incinerator scheme in Coventry. More info: call Dave Spencer on 02476-450027

In London we have a forum every three weeks and a reading group on “communism from below” every three weeks. All our meetings are on Monday evenings, but we are also present at many demos and active in campaigns. Email uncaptiveminds@gmail.com or ring 07595 245494 for more info. Click here to join email announcements list.

Wherever you are in the UK, join the facebook group to find out more about our activities and contribute to our debates.

2 thoughts on “update on the commune’s activities around britain

  1. we are pushing the BNP into the media, people who vote BNP will do so anyway, people who vote for other parties may well decide not to vote, less said about the BNP the better. Sadly Labours record with abuse comes well up on the ladder of racism, how the hell can labour lock up people families and kids for daring to come here, So better to march for freedom then worry about the bloody BNP.


  2. People vote BNP because of real problems about jobs, housing, services and so on and because they dont feel represented by New Labour. Obviousy they’re wrong to draw those conclusions, but its not like everyone who votes BNP is an ideological fascist who can’t be won round.

    The labour movement needs to organise a better alternative, not just (a) ignore the BNP and hope they go away or (b) tell people off/call them Nazis and recommend they vote for establishment parties instead.


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