the commune’s pamphlets: reprints now available

More copies of our pamphlet series, many of which had sold out, are now available. The text of each of  the seven pamphlets is online (see the list of subjects below), but you can also order paper copies – £1 +50p postage per copy.


Write to to place your order. We take payment by cheque (addressed to ‘The Commune’, at The Commune, 2nd Floor, 145-157 St. John Street, London EC1V 4PY) or by transfer to Co-op account S/C 089299, A/C 65317440.pamphlet no. 7, march 2009 – the revolution delayed: a decade of hugo chávez

pamphlet no. 6, february 2009 – the meaning of communism today

pamphlet no. 5, december 2008 – the movement for workers’ councils in germany

pamphlet no. 4, november 2008 – the economic crisis: an interview with andrew kliman

pamphlet no. 3, october 2008 – strategy for industrial struggle

pamphlet no. 2, october 2008 – nationalisation or workers’ management?

pamphlet no. 1, september 2008 – bolivia: class struggle and social crisis