what lies behind the crisis in iran? hopi emergency meeting 20th june

With Yassamine Mather and Moshe Machover. Followed by a fundraising social.

Sat 20th, 2pm, Caxton House,129 St. John’s Way, London (Archway).


Iranian society is convulsed by a political crisis on a scale not seen for 30 years. Masses of Iranian people have taken to the streets since the results of the rigged elections. Their outrage is justified. The levels of blatant vote-rigging on show was crazy even by the standards of Iran’s Islamic Republic regime. The final result underlined that the whole process was compromised from top to bottom:
  • Ahmadinejad was declared winner by the official media even before some polling stations had closed
  • The percentage of votes for each candidate were clearly choreographed – throughout results night, none of the candidates’ vote varied by more than three percent
  • Hundreds of candidates were barred from standing in the first place

The main ‘reformist’ candidate Mir-Hossain Moussavi immediately declared the elections a “charade” and claimed Iran was moving towards tyranny. Thousands of protesters (not all of them backers of Moussavi) poured onto the streets and confrontations between the people and the state’s armed forces have escalated by the hour. Millions of people are on the street. The first demonstrator has been killed.

Iranian society remains on a knife-edge. Hopi supporters are in daily contact with Iran and are pushing for maximum solidarity from the workers’ movement here to progressive forces in that country. We are determined that the upsurge against theocratic rule is not derailed by demoguoges and sell-out merchants from within the regime itself. Come along to hear more about what is going on.

Read Yassamine Mather’s assessment of the elections: https://thecommune.wordpress.com/2009/06/14/hands-off-the-people-of-iran-on-ahmadinejads-re-election/

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  1. To the people of Iran: We are with you!
    Communist Students Statement – http://communiststudents.org.uk/2009/06/to-the-people-of-iran-we-are-with-you/

    Communist Students greets the mass demonstrations and bravery of the people on the streets of Iran with hope and solidarity. The mass actions are a testament to the revolutionary élan of the youth, worker’s and women’s movements, who over the last three decades have struggled and suffered at the hands of the theocratic state. The blatant rigging of the 10th Presidential election has served as a catalyst for the greatest mass movement the region has seen since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Up to 30 people have been killed at the hands of state forces and the Basij militia.

    The elections were a farce from the very beginning – elections in Iran always are. The four candidates out of 450 that were allowed to run are all pillars of the establishment, all have their hands drenched in blood. No real opponents of the Islamic Republic are allowed to stand. All of the candidates support the existing neo-liberal economic policies that have brought poverty and hardship to the Iranian working class. From this and the knowledge of the history of the reformist murderers it is clear that any democrat or communist cannot give support to Moussavi and the vacillating reformist faction.

    Even with all of this there was a massive turnout at the elections, the people attempted to show their disdain not just for Ahmadinejad but also for the regime, the obvious disregard for such simple democratic procedures has pushed millions onto the streets into open confrontation. Strikes, sit ins and mass rallies have taken place across Iran.

    Students and the youth are at the head of this struggle and are putting their lives on the line. Below is a small sample of actions led by students and youth:

    – On Monday June 15 over 5000 students rallied inside Tehran University and faced violence by security forces and the ultra nationalist Basij militia. Today they have begun another sit in which has been joined by over 120 professors who have stepped down from their positions.

    -University of Tehran students reacted strongly to a statement on Tuesday by Moussavi calling on people not to take part actions. Students chanted “death to collaborator,” “No compromise, No surrender, Fight the dictator,” “They are shedding blood.”.

    -Students at Sharif University of Technology clashed with security forces when over 1000 students who forced their way passed the police into the university.

    -In Babol over 3000 students along with local workers demonstrated and attacked government and security buildings.

    -At Qazvin University students and workers came out onto the streets shouting “death to the dictator”. There were clashes and a number of security and state building were attacked.

    -In Ahwaz students and youth have been running day long battles with security forces since the announcement of the election results. This is but a taste of what is happening YouTube is full of videos of these clashes and repression.

    Communist Students will step up its work in building solidarity with the democratic and revolutionary movements. In the face of the media’s biased reporting and the worrying crackdown on communication technology inside Iran, we pledge that our website will be used to get news out on the situation as it unfolds. We will be building and taking part in meetings, actions and fundraisers over the coming months. We will continue to raise the importance of winning the student movement in this country to a position of principled internationalism – combining implacable opposition to imperialist intervention in the country with unswerving support for the struggles of the Iranian masses.

    Communist Students Executive


  2. Apparently the workers at the huge Iran Khodro car plant, which saw a strike in March and another in May over unpaid wages, have gone on strike in protest at the rigging of the election… (will look for more concrete details)


  3. Comrades,

    Hands Off the People of Iran is pleased to have launched its first blog that will keep track of the ongoing struggles in Iran. At this time we are receiving videos, pictures and news almost by the minute. Please check it out and share the link on your facebook, website and to your comrades and friends.


    Another key section of the workers movement has moved into action in Iran:



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