reinstate the lindsey oil refinery workers!

statement by the Campaign Against Immigration Controls

Following our conference today (Saturday 20th) the Campaign Against Immigration Controls (CAIC) calls for the immediate reinstatement of the workers who were sacked by Total, Jacobs and other subcontractors at the Lindsey Oil refinery in Lincolnshire last Thursday night.


We are calling a solidarity protest at the Total headquarters in Watford on Monday 22nd June, 4-6pm.

Why is our campaign supporting these sacked workers?

• We support the rights of all workers – regardless of their nationality or immigration status – to organise in the workplace to protect and improve their wages, conditions and livelihood.
• CAIC activists include many migrant workers whose conditions of work are very precarious, like cleaners. These workers are often servicing the offices of the rich and powerful but paid a pittance. Again and again migrant workers who organise unions and fight for a living wage are victimised and sacked and sometimes face detention and deportation. The Lindsey workers have also been victimised for fighting back to protect their jobs. CAIC activists are also in the GMB and Unite unions in struggle at Lindsey: we say that all workers should make common cause against the bosses.
• CAIC supports the freedom of movement of workers. But we are opposed to people being pushed around and uprooted by the bosses or their state. It is clear to us that the posting of workers from Europe like this, housed in barracks segregated from the rest of the workforce, is about breaking up existing unions in order to undermine hard-won agreements and set in motion the race to the bottom. We need workers’ organisation and solidarity across borders to stop this. So we say NO REDUNDANCES! NO VICTIMISTATION! and NO DEPORTATIONS!
• CAIC believes that there is plenty of useful work to be done. It is only our insane capitalist economy, run for private profit, that makes desperately needed projects unprofitable and sets worker against worker, from the same or different nations. The Government should STOP THROWING MONEY AT THE BANKS and invest in socially useful, clean and green industries and instead.


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