13th july reading group: communist organisation today

The last in our current series of London reading groups on ‘communism from below’ will take place on Monday 13th July from 7pm at the Artillery Arms, 102 Bunhill Row, near Old Street station. It is on the subject of ‘communist organisation today’. We will be discussing the issues:

– Can communists with different ideas and perspectives co-exist in the same organisation? Is ‘forgetting our differences’ and ‘leaving past baggage at the door’ a precondition of left unity?
– Should we organise for specifically communist positions, or establish a broader ‘left’ presence filling some of the political space abandoned by Labour?
– Should we concentrate on propaganda and ideological struggle, or workplace and community activism… or can we integrate both?
– What useful role can communists play in solidarising with resistance to the recession?

The recommended reading includes this section of Hal Draper’s Anatomy of the Micro-sect – (click here to read his work in full) as well as the section ‘building a revolutionary socialist left today‘ of an article on organisation by Solidarity USA (click here to read in full)

All welcome. Email uncaptiveminds@gmail.com for more info or to be sent printed copies of the texts. See map of the venue below.