urgent: vestas eviction due tomorrow, solidarity needed, free transport from london

An eviction of Vestas is planned for mid-day tomorrow (Friday), if you can drop stuff and come then meet at Waterloo station tonight at 22.00pm. Transport will be fully paid for. If the 600 jobs and Britain ’s only onshore wind turbine factory are to be saved then the factory needs to be occupied and defended. Experience at Visteon, the SOAS occupation and Lewisham Bridge has shown that solidarity is needed for successful occupations, and that victory is possible. With more people defending the factory it will be much more difficult for the bailiffs to evict the occupiers, or for the Vestas bosses to remove the blades and equipment. Eviction is pending, the workers inside are under huge pressure, if you can show support then please do…

If you can’t come but want to go soon:

On Tuesday 20 londoners went down and provided an important boost to the campaign. They feel positive about the role that activists can play in this crucial dispute, we won’t go into details over email but if you want to find out what they did please call, or come along to the Workers’ Climate Action meeting at 6pm in Deptford tomorrow.

So now we urgently need to co-ordinate groups to get down there:

  • When can you go? How long can you go for? Get in touch and let us know, we can help you organise transport and it will help us to plan busses.
  • What will you be up for doing when you get there? Can you do direct action? This is really useful to know and will help Workers’ Climate Action co-ordinate activity.
  • We need more drivers for the minibus. If you have a driving license with the category D1, if you have driven for more than 5 years (preferably) and if you passed before 97/98 then please get in touch.
  • It would be useful to have some fundraisers for Vestas, again get in touch if you are up for sorting this.

Please contact Maddy on 07954251724 and Bex on 07971719797 or e-mail vestasvolunteers@riseup.net