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The Commune has been in touch with a number of like-minded communist organisations as we plan the publication of a new international journal. While we are not in the business of proclaiming international parties and such like, we believe that such a publication will facilitate deeper discussions among communists of our strategy, the society we want to create and the dynamics of world politics. Scotland’s Republican Communist Network asked us to reproduce their response to the initial proposal made.

Dear The Commune,

The Republican Communist Network (RCN) very much welcomes the proposal for a new journal, Communist International. We had already become aware of The Commune’s excellent website and magazine. From this we published, ‘The Dual Crisis of Capital and Labour’, in the new, ‘From Wage Slavery to the Global Commune’ section of our magazine Emancipation & Liberation (issue no. 17). The editorial in this issue explains why we think it is vital that we address the issue of socialism/communism today, in the face of today’s crisis of capitalism. The important role of The Commune in this is acknowledged. The Commune has also been added to our Republic of Letters page.

The RCN also agreed to send a speaker, Allan Armstrong, to the public meeting you organised in London on June 25th. He thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and the breadth of political opinions expressed. In particular, he was impressed by the links The Commune has made to the struggles of migrant workers. We will be publishing The Commune editorial (Issue 6, July 2009), ‘Migrant workers are at the heart of the fightback’, in our next issue, in our magazine’s established ‘Global Republic – Citizens of the World section’.

We are in the process of producing a new pamphlet, provisionally entitled, ‘What is Communism?’ We have already been involved in our own preparatory discussions. When we received your request to contribute to the debate, we were only too pleased to facilitate this. We look forward to comrades from or close to The Commune addressing our meeting later this year on November 28th in Edinburgh.

We also have no hesitation in supporting your proposals for a new journal and we will participate in its launch. If there turns out to be wider agreement in producing the new Communist International, we would like to nominate Allan Armstrong for the Editorial Board. Please publish our response on your website. With international communist greetings,

Mary McGregor
(RCN Secretary)


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