the commune’s activities around britain, september 2009

– London: The Commune are at most major demonstrations in the capital and also have our own activities. We are running a new series of reading groups on the theory of trade unionism and workplace organising this autumn, as well as our monthly forums, the next of which will be on the rise of the Tories (September 21st – more details to follow).
Join our email announcements list at Phone David on 07595 245494 for more info.


– Bristol: The first meeting our network has held in the city will be a workshop at the Saturday September 12th anarchist bookfair, and is on the subject of ‘The spirit of utopia today’.
The event takes place at The Island, Bridewell St, Bristol, 10.30am to 6pm. Our session is from 5pm in Room 2 (first floor).

– West Midlands: we participate in the Coventry Radical Network and will also be initiating a meeting on local organising work. If you’re interested in the meeting or our network, call Dave on 02476 450027.

– Wrexham: we are planning a series of meetings around the title “Storming the heavens—alternatives to capitalism”. Paper sales will also be launched in and around the town centre.

– North-West: if you’re in Blackpool, Preston or the surrounding area, contact We will also have a stall outside the Manchester Anarchist Bookfair on September 26th (Jabez Clegg, 2 Portsmouth Street, near Manchester University Students’ Union) and a meeting on Latin America in the evening (more details to follow).

– South Yorkshire-based activists interested in The Commune should get in touch with Barry in Sheffield on 07543 652629.

– The Commune also have a Facebook group. You can sign up for news and debate at

– Get in touch via email—

2 thoughts on “the commune’s activities around britain, september 2009

  1. “We will also have a stall outside the Manchester Anarchist Bookfair . . . “

    Does this mean that they’ve knocked you backed from having a stall inside the bookfair?


  2. Yes indeed. Rather a pity, since the Bristol bookfair organisers would let us have one. Obviously it’s their event and they only want anarchist groups, but I think dialogue and debate is always useful and we don’t want to look like we’re standing outside leeching off it but refusing to go in!

    We are planning to hold a meeting on Latin America in Manchester that evening, however, which people might come to after the bookfair. More details shortly…


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