the tories: what are they planning, and are we ready for them?

21st September London ‘uncaptive minds’ forum

Polls put the Tories ahead of Labour by 17% and heading for a 100 seat majority at the coming general election. All indications are that we are heading for a Tory government by next summer.


When the Tories were last in power, Thatcher and Major led a vicious 18-year capitalist offensive against the working class, and the anti-union laws they introduced remain to this day under Gordon Brown. They restructured industry, created mass unemployment, scapegoated the poor and casualised labour.

We have every reason to worry: but what is the Tory agenda today? Are we ready for the challenge? The Commune is hosting a public forum to discuss these questions, and all are welcome.

The debate will be led off by:

John Lindsay
member of the Conference of Socialist Economists

Dave Flynn
former Conservative Party activist

Monday 21st September, from 7pm, at the Artillery Arms, 102 Bunhill Row, near Old Street

Email for more info.

One thought on “the tories: what are they planning, and are we ready for them?

  1. Yes your right, we had Thatcher, Major, Blair, and Brown, so we just carry on with another twenty years.

    New labour old Tory whats the difference.


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