manchester public meeting: populism and class struggle in latin america

The Commune’s first Manchester forum, Saturday 26th September

The last decade has seen a wave of class struggle shaking neo-liberalism in Latin America, with trade unions, social movements and indigenous people across the continent stirred to action.


Many also think that leaders like Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia are ‘building socialism’, and the radical right and US imperialism have mobilised to try and crush them. July saw the most outrageous action yet as the Honduran military overthrew the centre-left president Manuel Zelaya.

Where is the class struggle in Latin America headed? What does the Obama administration mean for US relations with the continent? Are systems like Venezuela and Cuba a model for communists to follow? Come and join the debate at The Commune’s forum.

The speakers are:

Cat Rylance
Guest speaker: Cat is a member of Communist Students and was involved in last year’s student occupation of Manchester University during Israel’s winter bombardment of the Gaza Strip. Read her article on Bolivia, “No Trust in Morales”?

David Broder
The Commune; has visited, and written on, factory occupations in Argentina. See his analysis of populism and imperialism in Peru.

5:30-6:30pm, Saturday 26th September, Conference Room 1, Man Met SU, 99 Oxford Road, Manchester
(700 metres walk up Oxford Road from the Anarchist Bookfair venue)

email or phone 07976 386737 for more details. Click here for leaflet, or on the picture above for poster.