the commune’s aggregate meeting, 12th december

The next of The Commune’s quarterly ‘aggregate’ meetings will take place at a central London venue from 12-4pm on Saturday 12th December.

At the aggregate we discuss our political priorities for the next few months, how we organise and the positions we take. We welcome the involvement and feedback of all activists sympathetic to our network and its ideas. At the December meeting we will be talking about building branches around England and Wales; our publications and meetings; political questions such as ‘rank-and-filism’ in the unions; and the idea of ‘militant inquiry’ examining labour process in the modern workplace. The agenda has yet to be finalised, but discussion documents shall appear shortly.

Email to register your interest and find out more about what we will be discussing.

2 thoughts on “the commune’s aggregate meeting, 12th december

  1. I hope it goes very well. This is a encouraging, generally rant-free site, and I think you’re on to something!


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