what would our alternative society look like?

The first of a series of communist discussion meetings in Sheffield. From 7pm on Tuesday 19th January at The Rutland Arms, 86 Brown Street, Sheffield S1 2BS.

Recommended reading for the meeting includes: William Morris – News From Nowhere chapters xii, xv and xvii; Cornelius Castoriadis – On the content of socialism; Karl Marx – Critique of the Gotha Programme parts iii and iv, as well as The Paris Commune from Civil War in France.

Get in touch with Barry on 07543 652629 or email uncaptiveminds@gmail.com for more details.

8 thoughts on “what would our alternative society look like?

  1. Hi Comrades

    Can I add to the reading list: Marx, critique of the Gotha programme in vol 24 collected works, on Marxist internet archive.


  2. Hi everyone

    Critque 8 might be difficult to find outside a university. so it can be replaced with the section on proletarians and communists in the Communist manifesto. and the section of the civil war in france where marx writes about the commune as a form of workers self emancipation.

    There is a Pluto press communist manifesto 2008 with an introduction by David Harvey which bring in the credit crunch or the current recession.


  3. Would it be worth adding The Dispossessed by Ursula LeGuin to the reading list? I’ve not read it myself, but I understand that it’s meant to be not unlike News From Nowhere in terms of being a fictional attempt to describe how such a society might actually function.


  4. The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin is similar to News From Nowhere, in that it describes how people try to run an anarchist/communist society. However, it differs from Morris’ work in that life is still very difficult for people on Anarres, because the planet is very resource-poor, and they are trying to build it up. I’d say that Le Guin’s novel is more relevant in terms of how we might build a future society in spite of the environmental destruction wrought by the profit system,


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