iranian regime threatens mass murder, arrests activists

Below is a brief report of the moves the regime has been taking against known leftwing activists and the threats that leading officials have been giving on state television. This report was sent to Hands Off the People of Iran by Anahita Hosseini of the ‘Independent Leftist Students’, who represent an anti-imperialist socialist tendency within the student movement in Iran.

After the mass protests of Sunday December 27th the regime is showing its fear of the people’s uprising by going to well known activists’ homes one by one and arresting them. This morning (Monday 28th) armed plain clothes forces went to the home of Mahin Fahimi, who is a member of the organization of mothers for peace, and arrested her and her son Omid Montazeri, who is a known leftist student activist. Omid is the son of Hamid Montazeri, a known communist activist who was executed by the regime during the mass murders of leftists and Mujahideen in prison in 1988.

Ardavan Tarakameh, another leftist student activist who was staying in Omid’s home this morning was arrested. Afterwards the plain clothes forces went to Ardavan’s parents home and searched it throughout and took some books and notes, and told his mother she is not allowed to ask any questions about what they are doing or where her son is. Zohreh Takaboni, one of the mothers for peace whose husband was also executed as a leftist in 1988, has also been arrested.

The regime has started a new scenario since this morning on all of their TV channels: they are talking about what happened in the 80s. They are talking about the leftist opposition of Iran in those days and how the regime killed them because of their activities, they are frankly threatening people that they are not afraid of repeating history.

After yesterday’s uprising it became more obvious that no one is of the illusion of re-running the elections. The slogans are aimed at the regime and Khamenei himself, radicalization of the movement has made the regime fearful of the effect of leftist and other radical activists on the current uprising. They are threatening to bring back the black and the bloody decade of the 80s in which they mass murdered thousands of the bravest, purest and the true believers of freedom and equality, especially in 1988 when they executed thousands (possibly thirty thousand) leftists and Mujahideen and buried them in the mass graves.

Now they are threatening their children and all the other activists and all people who are yelling their anger against them, in their official news today they said: the rebels have crossed the red lines by having slogans against Khamenei and they will all pay for it. What is obvious is that they will not be able to repeat the bloody years of 80s because they can’t mass murder a nation. But we should take the threat seriously on the level that we know this regime has nothing to lose and before its final collapse they may do anything for revenge. They may try to limit the number of activists against them, the threats they have started against people is important on these levels, and it is our responsibility to fight until the release of each and every political prisoner in Iran alongside supporting the peoples uprising. Underestimating the threats of the dictatorial regime in taking revenge on the protesters can end in catastrophe.

We will fight until all of our classmates, comrades and friends are released. We won’t let the Islamic Republic take revenge for its inevitable collapse on activists.

Unity – Struggle – Victory