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A small group of us have been meeting once a month to make some time to think about the links between education and social change. Last year we had some really interesting discussions on adult literacy, privatisation, Marxism and education, Freirian pedagogy, and deschooling, but we want to get bigger. If you are someone interested or involved in education and like the sound of manageable amounts of reading, informal conversation, and hopefully some stimulating ideas, come and join us. We meet on the first Thursday of the month between 7-9pm in Bethnal Green.

The next meeting is on Thursday 4th February (use email below for the venue details), and will be a discussion on the ideas of A.S. Neill as embodied in his Free-School, Summerhill.

Email radicaleducationforum@gmail.com for readings and more information. Hope to see you there.

3 thoughts on “radical education reading group

  1. Can I suggest that you also take up Vygotsky and consider a practical synthesis of his work. He is a major figure in education theory esp in the US but there has been so very little done on applying him under a Marxisty umbrella.

    Andy Blunden has done a lot in promoting him and runs the Vygostky archive on the web:


  2. How about setting up a wiki or a blog for contributions? I can’t down to London for meetings, but would like to make a contribution to your discussions. I’ve been trying to promote a more collaborative and egalitarian form of learning at work – in part through using a wiki – so I’d like to be involved in your conversations. Wikis are easy to set up and the software can be downloaded for free.

    Let me know what you think.


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