pcs to ballot for strike action

by Steve Ryan

The PCS civil service union is to commence a ballot of all 300,000 plus members for strike action. The ballot is due to begin on 4th February.

It comes after talks on the governments proposals to cut the value of the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS) proved fruitless.

The cuts will reduce the payouts under the scheme, already not generous due to the low pay of civil service workers, by two-thirds

It is a clear attempt to make sacking workers cheap as Labour forges ahead with its plan to cut 100,000 civil servants… at a time when the whole service is collapsing. The cuts are having a major effect on the ability to deliver.

In HM Revenue & Customs thousands face redundancy even though billions of pounds of tax remain uncollected

The mood is grim  as PCS members recall the sell-out on pay. Nevertheless it is paramount that the ballot is won with a resounding YES/YES.

This will enable PCS workers to fight back not just nationally but taking innovative action within their constituent groups against job losses and speed ups.

If successful the sight of a large group of workers fighting back should inspire others in both the public and private sector. If so links between the disputes should be made and town committees established for mutual support and to control the action from below.

One thought on “pcs to ballot for strike action

  1. Sure we are leading the way, I think potentially our 22nd day of action in about 6 years.
    Where is the support form local government and nhs comrades?
    What they dish out to DWP/HMRC staff first comes to you second.
    Fight back now.


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