video of ubs cleaners’ demo

The next demo for the reinstatement of Alberto Durango and in defence of cleaners’ conditions at Lancaster/UBS will be at 1pm on Friday 5th March outside 100 Liverpool Street, London. See here for report.

For more info on the dispute see here. There is an activist organising meeting on the evening of Monday 1st March, email for details.

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  1. Hi Gerald,
    The London Jerry Hicks supporters group meeting is 26th February at Lucas arms Grays Inn Rd, Kings Cross. Starts at 7pm and is planned to set up a group and maybe a committee to assist Jerry in his campaign Jerry should be there, I will be posting leaflets if you need any more let me know yours in solidarity.

    Steve Kelly

    This is a very important campaign if struggles like Alberto’s are to succeed against the employers and their covert supporters in the reactionary bureaucratic unions. Jerry Hicks go almost 40,000 votes against Simpson entirely outside the bureaucratic structures of the union itself and the Stalinoid United Left

    His election would strike a real blow to the bureaucracy and would enable us to begin to develop the basis of a real rank-and-file movement in the buses and in other industries if we go about it the right way. The Manchester Right To Work meeting called for a rank-and-file movement and those of us who know what that should look like – no bureaucrats or union employees voting, workers wage for officials, standing for all electable positions against the bureaucracy answerable to the R+F movement, direct and participatory democratic structures, etc – have an opportunity to start fighting for it in a wider context, The SWP has not yet committed to Hicks, but it is difficult to see them not doing so after Manchester, the SP seems committed to McCluskey (although Jerry says after a meeting with them that he is “hopeful”), the AWL and Workers Power will surely back him so a real fight is in the offing. Sectarians will use the Lindsey excuse to abandon the class yet again.

    Please circulate this invite as widely as possible so we can get a real committee going and make plans for campaigning. I will contact as many as you as I can personally by phone to urge participation.

    Comradely Gerry Downing

    PS Many of us had difference with Jerry over Lindsey and I am not saying that we put those aside in any way but it would be criminal to allow these differences to block participation in this campaign rather than fighting them out whenever we think they are holding the campaign back.


  2. New version of the video:

    – includes updated Latin American Workers’ Association address
    – more speeches
    – more ’80s music…


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