the london commune: introduction to marx’s communism

This spring The Commune in London will be holding a series of educational discussions on the communism of Karl Marx as part of our organising meetings.

On each of the following Mondays (separated by three week intervals) we will have an hour’s discussion on a theme or text followed by an hour of planning for movement events and organising in the capital. See below for the list of dates and texts.

8th March – Alienation under capitalism (Estranged Labour is useful background reading)
From 7pm at Old Red Lion, near Angel tube

29th March – The Communist Manifesto

19th April – Marx and the revolutions of 1848

10th May – Wage-labour and capital

31st May – The Paris Commune (Civil War in France)

21st June – Critique of the Gotha Programme

For venue details or to register your interest email