video of 5th march demo at UBS

The latest demo in solidarity with cleaners in the employ of Lancaster at Swiss bank UBS in the City of London took place on 5th March. The cleaners are facing cuts in working hours and shop steward Alberto Durango has been sacked, and the demo demanded the maintenance of existing conditions as well as Alberto’s reinstatement.

There will be an international day of action on Friday 19th with protests already planned in the USA, Sweden and Switzerland as well as around the UK. More details shortly – and come to the Cleaners’ Defence Committee organising meeting on the evening of Monday 15th to help the campaign (email for venue details).

For more background see Alberto’s article on events at UBS.

2 thoughts on “video of 5th march demo at UBS

  1. The Manhattan (New York) demo is:

    Friday March 19th, 3:00pm
    UBS Headquarters
    Meet at the corner of 52nd St. and 6th Ave.


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