immigration in britain today: london forum, 22nd march

The Commune’s next London forum is from 7pm on Monday 22nd March at the Artillery Arms, 102 Bunhill Row, near Old Street. Click here for leaflet.

The economic crisis has worsened anti-immigrant sentiment in British society. Not only has it created a breeding ground for the BNP and English Defence League to win support, but establishment racism is also on the up.

Gordon Brown’s ‘British Jobs for British workers’ slogan has been used in recent weeks by Labour and Tory candidates alike, and the right-wing press are baying for David Cameron to make immigration a central campaigning issue. Yet the labour movement does not stand firm behind migrant workers and much of the left is unwilling to challenge border controls head-on.

So how do we get the labour movement to take opposition to border controls seriously, and how can we combat underlying anti-immigrant sentiment in British society?

Join the debate with those involved in supporting immigrant struggles: Alberto Durango, sacked cleaner activist; a speaker involved in solidarity with the hunger strike at the Yarl’s Wood immigrant prison; and a Rifondazione Comunista member speaking on the 1st March migrant strike in Italy.

All welcome. Email for more info.