3rd may london forum: should we vote?

Our next London public forum will see a debate on whether we should support candidates for Parliament. The meeting takes place three days before the general election, from 7pm on Monday 3rd May at the Artillery Arms, 102 Bunhill Row, near Old Street.

Many on the revolutionary left and labour movement are advocating the re-election of the Labour government. So should we tag along with Gordon Brown, vote for ‘socialist’ candidates, or have nothing to do with electoral politics? Join the debate. The discussion will be led off by Danny Ryan-Smith (The Commune) and Andrew Fisher (LRC).

All welcome. Email uncaptiveminds@gmail.com for more details.

One thought on “3rd may london forum: should we vote?

  1. Comrades
    I am in favour of voting, however, it is clear that all three capitalist parties have agreed that the working class must pay for the crisis by means of unemployment, wage cuts and the destruction of public services. This programme for the next Government has clearly been ordered by the ruling class. The savagery of the planned assault whether by Labour, Tories or a coalition will make Thatcherism look like a little local difficulty. Under these conditions there is no way anyone could vote for the Labour Party. I would advocate either voting for a left candidate or spoiling the ballot paper.


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