beyond resistance: the commune’s 19th june summer school

A day of communist discussion and debate. From 11am-6pm on Sat 19th June at 96-100 Clifton St, London EC2. Details and ticket purchase information below. Download double-sided A5 leaflet or A3 poster.

The last few years have seen a series of crises for our rulers. Millions of us are angry at the ongoing economic crisis, the scandalous behaviour of ‘our’ MPs and the endless wars in the Middle East.

All of these crises are part and parcel of capitalist rule, but rarely is this system itself challenged. We are constantly told there is no alternative to capitalism. Every day at work and in our communities we live out the same capitalist order, the same hierarchies, the same alienation.

But the spectre of communism has not gone away. The idea of a society fit for human beings lives on. It is an idea raised every time workers demand the living standards we need, not what our rulers are prepared to give us; whenever we reject the state’s oppression and interference in our lives; and whenever we stand up to sexism, homophobia and anti-immigrant hysteria.

We need to build on these acts of resistance. But that is not enough. Our movement needs ideas. We need a clear vision of a communist alternative to the capitalist order, and how we can make it happen.

That is why The Commune is hosting a summer school on Saturday 19th June to discuss what we should be fighting for and how we should fight for it. Join the debate.

Proposed sessions: Britain after the general election; What is capitalism?; Why capitalism is in crisis; The changed shape of the working class; Alienation and the critique of everyday life; How migrant workers fight back; Tenants’ struggles and community organisation; Socialist feminist approach to organisation; Breaking up the UK state;  Communism or representative democracy?; The recomposition of the communist movement. Full agenda shortly.

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Please get in touch at if you have any questions about the event or have special requirements.

4 thoughts on “beyond resistance: the commune’s 19th june summer school

  1. I find the suggestion that an alternative to capitalism presently exists to be dubious. Certainly, the desire to overcome capitalism exists, as is the will to attempt to overcome it – but I think there is a profound lack of evidence to suggest that communism (as a social system of production) exists or is presently possible.

    Many a rebellion of slaves or peasants against slavery and feudalism resulted in a reconstitution of the very system they opposed – of course, against their former oppressors. That is, until such time that a new social mode of production (as enabled by technological development, such as in the agricultural and industrial revolutions) reared its head. Is it not true that the Soviet Union (and fellow states) were not embodiments of this phenomenon – where workers, desirous of toppling capitalism, could conceive only of ways to reinvent it?

    The most radical manifestation of proletarian rebellion appears to be worker-ownership, but even here the operation of the law of value and the continued existence of waged-labor by “democratic” means (the slaves determine their own conditions of slavery) indicates that capitalism is not only yet to be overcome, but operating in full force.

    I wish well the efforts of comrades in The Commune to debate, study, and reveal to their satisfaction the historical nature of class society generally and capitalism particularly… but I warn against the theological-idealist notion that communism is possible so long as we “want” it hard enough, or if enough people do.

    The ripening of conditions for social revolution depends on time – not willpower. Social change depends on development of the means of production, not on the dissemination of new ideas.

    Communism is not possible yet; though it is important to understand why.


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