no choice on may 6th

by Danny Ryan-Smith

With an election with less choice than ever shambling across the horizon, most of our time not spent working seems to be dominated by the question of elections, or specifically- who should we vote for?

With even capitalist media and the introduction of presidential style debates unable to drum up excitement among the general public for a contest that most of us see as largely a race between three identical parties, the time has come that we face the reality that nobody can be a substitute to represent our own needs and interests but ourselves.

No matter who wins the next election the outcome will be the same-cuts, cuts and austerity.

But the sad fact is that no matter whom sits on the throne of power, whether it be left, right or otherwise they will be a slave to the profit logic and dictates of the system that allows them to live on the fruits of our labour.

This is capitalism. Attacks on working conditions, climate chaos and a `broken’ society are all products of this system and if we wish to genuinely attack the symptoms we must first tackle the roots- building our new society in the shell of the old.

Now more than ever we need a genuine alternative to the chaos of parliamentary bureaucracy and party politics. An Alternative based on genuine democracy and direct solidarity through workers’ self-management and communism from below.

The Commune is a part of that movement and struggles to facilitate and contribute to the creation of the confidence, knowledge and power we need to throw off those who would use our weakness to exploit  us in the name of our own welfare.