is ecological struggle class struggle? london forum 24th may

The next of The Commune’s public forums in London will be a debate on the question ‘is ecological struggle class struggle?’ The meeting takes place from 7pm on Monday 24th May at the Horse & Groom, Curtain Road, near Old Street tube.

The discussion will be led off by Rob Kirby, and members of Notes from Below. All welcome: email for more details.

2 thoughts on “is ecological struggle class struggle? london forum 24th may

  1. For what its worth I don’t see the ecological struggle as a natural and complete class struggle, Capital can carry on its exploitation when green tech becomes more efficient and stream lined. But currently the ecology movement is in opposition to big business and its gas guzzling ways therefore a green victory would be good for the people as well as the planet.


  2. My take on it is that the green movement diverts attention away from the proper social antagonisms which need to be emphasized. It is very often a middle class movement—led by toff icons such as George Monbiot–that takes on frequently anti-working class positions. At the very least, I think the green movement contributes nothing to an authentically Marxist project.


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