the commune issue 14

The May issue of our monthly paper The Commune is now available. Click the image below to see the PDF or see individual articles as they are posted online in the list below.

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only our solidarity can stop their attacks – editorial of The Commune

occupation at middlesex university – by Nathan Coombs

gains from UBS cleaners’ dispute – by Chris Kane

racist anti-immigrant law passed in arizona – by Kasandra Dalton

please, stop deceiving our community – by Miguel Puerto

who votes for the BNP? – by Oisín Mac Giollamoír

anti-fascism and the BNP – by Glyn Harries

may 6th: the view from scotland – by Allan Armstrong

greek revolt haunts the rulers of europe – by Mark Ellingsen

rank and file organising: it could happen here too – by Sheila Cohen

stop the demonisation of the unemployed – by Duncan Smith

david harvey and the enigma of capital – by Sharon Borthwick

constructing alliances to oppose public sector cuts and privatisation – by Gregor Gall

despite ’empowerment’, people still have power – by Leo Singer

the earth is not flat: a review of against nationalism – by David Broder

and the struggle continues… women’s liberation 40 years on – by Sharon Borthwick

communists must organise as communists – by Chris Ford

beyond resistance: the commune’s 19th june summer school

upcoming events

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