the commune issue 15

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beyond ‘resistance’, beyond alienation

Reports on struggles

lessons of the middlesex occupation – by an occupying student

from greek crisis to european fightback? – interview with WSM member Constantinos Avramidis

holland: victory for nine week cleaners’ strike – by Willem Dekker

migrant cleaners and organising solidarity – by David Broder

sex workers in uganda organise – interview with Macklean Kyomya, Namakula Nakato Daisy and Benjamin

Gaza flotilla massacre

‘they were like hyenas in the dark’ – interview with Gaza flotilla activist Fintan Lane

atrocity stirs protest in tel aviv – by Solomon Anker

solidarity, not silence: the academic boycott debate – by Greg Brown

Labour leadership race

what use an abbott in a ‘broad church’? – by Taimour Lay

new labour in opposition – by Dave Spencer

Understanding our situation

for the right not to work! – by Steve Ryan

who benefits from cuts? – by Adam Ford

‘to act in union…’: the changing composition of the working class and the implications for class struggle – by Sheila Cohen

‘Global Commune’ debates

second global commune – by Allan Armstrong

no national solutions – by Clifford Biddulph

‘not another communist group! – by Oisín Mac Giollamóir

we lack resistance to the present – by Nic Beuret