bristol reading group sunday 27th: market socialism

The next Bristol reading group session will be on Sunday 27th June at 6pm in Café Kino on Ninetree Hill, Stokes Croft, Bristol.

The session will discuss proposals for market-based socialism. Suggested background reading below. All welcome: for more info.
Advocacy of market socialism by Thomas Weisskopf

Alex Callinicos on the pitfalls of market socialism

A critique of market socialism and advocacy of participatory planning instead by David Kotz

One thought on “bristol reading group sunday 27th: market socialism

  1. Any socialist society worth the name will involve democratic control and planning of the use of resources – this is incompatible with the market. That is not to say the entire market will be removed overnight, but it will be gone within a given timescale after the overthrow of capital.


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