an olive branch to the taliban?

As UK troops pulled out from the Sangin area of Helmand in early July, commanders hailed the successes of their mission in Afghanistan.

Yet at the same time the US-backed president Hamid Karzai has sought reconciliation with the Taliban, demonstrating the sham of ‘democracy’ brought by imperialist troops. The  Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan reports.

"democratic" imperialism can even accept reconciliation with the Taliban

By inviting the Taliban, the leaders of the Islamic Party and other “Jihadi leaders” to be part of a “Consultative Peace Jirga,” Hamid Karzai is committing yet another crime against the Afghan people.

He has installed former Soviet puppets and Northern Alliance warlords in key posts of his government. He even went as far as assigning the two most notorious warlords, Karim Khalili and Qasim Fahim, as his vice presidents.

Now, he calls the Taliban and Islamic Party terrorists “sons of Afghanistan” and tries to either share power with them, or offer them the opportunity of asylum and amnesty for their leaders in any country of their choice.

He is also offering jobs to their gunmen so he can prolong his mafia-style rule with peace of mind.

The puppet government of Afghanistan could not even consider making peace with the Taliban and Islamic Party assassins without receiving a green light from their US masters.

This in itself proves that the US doesn’t just want a puppet government, but also a stable and efficient government to easily transform Afghanistan into a strong military base in Asia, extend its grip on the oil and gas of the Central Asian Republics and maintain its supremacy in competition with rivals such as China and other regional powers.

It is crystal clear to even our children that the US claims about bringing “democracy” and “women’s liberation” to Afghanistan were the biggest lie of the century.

At the height of the outcry over the “Peace Jirga,” the Taliban intensified their inhuman brutalities by killing school children, teachers, men, and women of Kabul and other cities, but Karzai and his spokesmen expressed with detestable indifference that, “Inshallah, with national unity soon we will emerge from these problems”! If their own sister, mother or daughter were raped, killed publicly or torn to pieces by suicide bombings, would they still call these killings “problems” they have with Taliban, their “disaffected brothers”?

But given the power-lust and impunity of the ruling mafia, they still do not call the Taliban criminals, and call their acts crimes, because despite having some differences, in the last analysis they regard themselves as from the same ranks and deem it necessary to unite in order to manage the state machinery in the face of the people’s wrath.

As for the so-called intellectuals of Afghanistan who hope that the Taliban will end the US occupation… If such people are not fools, then surely they are spineless because they neither remember the marks of the Taliban flogging our mothers, sisters and fathers nor the beheading of our children and poor women (in the name of rooting out “spies”), or the spraying of acid on innocent school-girls.

In the past, through the meddling of Zalmay Khalilzad and Hamid Karzai as representatives of the Union Oil Company of California, the US worked with the Taliban and pumped tens of millions of dollars into their pockets.

Today if the Taliban once again comes to power, the US will easily “work” with them and prefer their bloody and suffocating rule of Afghanistan to an independent, pro-democracy and pro-women’s rights government, because the US counts on them as the most loyal group to safeguard its interests in the region.

Let the puppet mafia government of Karzai bring together all its agents in the “Peace Jirga” and similar ridiculous shows and by organising their fancy meetings, dance over the dead bodies of our innocent people.

But the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, alongside the aggrieved Afghan people, thinks that such deceitful games mean throwing salt on the wounds of our people, caught amidst the US/NATO bombings, insecurity, poverty, unemployment and desperation.