harsh cuts in north wales

Steve Ryan reports on Wrexham

The reality of the savage attacks on the working class has united activists in North Wales.

A meeting in Wrexham of the already established and active Shop Stewards Network debated the attacks and the response.

The cuts hit North Wales hard. Thousands rely on public sector jobs. In Wrexham there are estimated some 15,000 public sector workers, all delivering valuable services.

Slashing their jobs will diminish those services and, in reducing spending power, impact the local economy, itself only just recovered after the last Tory government closed mines and steelworks.

The meeting resolved to support strikes and action in North Wales, link up with other groups fighting back. It will have a stall with ‘know your rights, join a union’ leaflets and a spiky newsletter which will illustrate that workers should not be made to pay for the recession. These will be regularly on stalls in Wrexham and local carnivals, while there will be leafleting outside gigs at the forthcoming Llangollen fringe festival.

A public meeting has been called on 27th September with prominent movement speakers invited. The intention is to build toward the European day of action on 28th September, either with coaches to the rumoured national demo on London or if not local action.

The meeting was positive and determined. Solidarity and direct action is the way forward.


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