bristol reading group 24th october: spaces outside capitalism

The next session of The Commune’s Bristol reading group on alternatives to capitalism will be looking at spaces outside capitalism. We will be discussing the value – or otherwise – of ‘autonomous zones’ and ‘co-operatives’ as a means of working outside the system.

From 6pm on Sunday 24th October at Café Kino, Ninetree Hill, Stokes Croft. Recommended reading below – email for more info.

The classic statement on autonomous zones:

Hakim Bey – The Temporary Autonomous Zone

A critique of lifestyle anarchism:

Murray Bookchin “Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm”–lifestyle-anarchism-murray-bookchin

If you want to shorten the reading you could skip sections 6 and 7 which relate to the session last month on primitivism, but I’m sure you will find them of interest nevertheless.

On co-operatives as a strategic approach (8 short parts)