monday 15th london forum: revolutionary syndicalism in britain 1910-30

Following our successful series of talks on political organisation over the summer, where we looked at series of communist political organisations (Kamunist Kranti in India, Potere Operaio in Italy and finally at Big Flame in England), The Commune is hosting a series of discussion forums on revolutionary syndicalism.

The first meeting in this series is Monday, November 15th, 7pm: Revolutionary Syndicalism in Britain and the Industrial Syndicalist Education League: 1910-1930. At the Artillery Arms, 102 Bunhill Row, near Old St.

The Industrial Syndicalist Education League was a syndicalist organisation formed in 1910 by Tom Mann and Guy Bowman. Its first conference was attended by 200 delegates representing 60,000 workers. Unlike syndicalists in other countries it never formed a syndicalist union but rather pushed syndicalist politics and tactics through the existing labour movement.

In September 1913, it hosted the First International Syndicalist Congress at Holborn Town Hall which was attended by delegates from many if not most of the world revolutionary and anarcho-syndicalist organisations. Donnacha DeLong, an NUJ activist who is part of an intitative to form a new Industrial Syndicalist Education League, will give a lead of to this discussion on revolutionary syndicalism in Britain at the start of the twentieth century.

A subsequent meeting on 29th November will look at interwar European syndicalism, and on 13th December Sheila Cohen will lead off on the 1970s experience, what Eric Hobsbawm called “syndicalism without syndicalists”. Both these dates are also Mondays, the meetings are all from 7pm at the Artillery Arms (maps below). Email for any other info.,0.02&hl=en