the educator, issue 2

Issue two of The Educator which is being distributed at Manchester Metropolitan University this week. Click below to see PDFs.

Print run = 850. More people are encouraged to get involved: ring 07976386737 or email manchestercommuniststudents(at) for details.

2 thoughts on “the educator, issue 2

  1. Comrades

    Is there any particular reason why we’re assisting in the distribution of a publication for “Communist Students” which is the youth wing of the CPGB? I don’t see any any deal/agreement between The Commune and the CPGB so why are we assisting a Stalinist micro-sect?

    in Solidarity


  2. Hi Matthew – we have discussed this point a number of times. Communist Students, while certainly an attempt by the CPGB to develop a youth front, is not quite their “youth wing”. It has virtually no real existence anywhere in the country, except in Manchester where, by one of those quirks of fate, it happens to have become the pole which groups together a number of people with whom our comrade in Manchester can work politically. In fact, there are no CPGB members in Communist Students in Manchester as far as I’m aware, and no CPGB members – again, to the best of my knowledge – have contributed toward producing this bulletin. I don’t see the influence of the CPGB’s politics in it. Do you? Given this, I don’t see what the problem is…


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