local anti-cuts bulletins: some examples

A number of local anti-cuts campaigns in London have produced local bulletins – reproduced here for reference and to encourage debate and the sharing of information amongst anti-cuts activists.  See below for PDF files and a few comments. Let us know if there are examples from other areas which we can also upload.


No Cuts 1 (Aug 2010)

No Cuts 2 (Oct 2010)

No Cuts 3 (Dec 2010)

No Cuts 4 (Feb 2011)


Lambeth Save Our Services bulletin (July 2010)


Our Barnet (Jan 2011)

A few comments

I’ve been involved with the Hackney Alliance, and have helped produce the bulletins.  I think we’re probably the only anti-cuts campaign to be so prolific in terms of producing regular material to distribute.  The first issue ended up having around 7-8,000 given out.  The first print run of the latest issue was 10,000, and we may well need more.  I think that having regular material of this sort has helped us build as an organisation, because along with surveys, it gives you a reason to get going door to door talking to people, which itself has prompted the formation of ward groups in three of the borough’s 19 wards (though there would be a legitimate debate about what exactly the long term vision is for such highly localised organising).  In terms of the content, it’s difficult to know what’s having an impact.  In No Cuts 3, there’s a one-page introduction to a Keynesian economic analysis of why the cuts aren’t “necessary” in the way that having to cut back on your own personal spending would be if you were in debt and spending more than your income.  That was apparently very popular, although it certainly fails to pose any sort of anti-capitalist alternative.  There was some controversy over the fourth issue in particular, which some felt focussed criticism for the coming cuts far too strongly on the local Labour council – but many were also supportive of this approach.  I’m sure we’d be interested to hear from other anti-cuts campaigns about what has worked well and less well.  Contact hackneyalliance@hotmail.co.uk.  (Joe Thorne)