may 2011 issue of the commune

Issue 22 of The Commune is now available. It features articles on the aftermath of 26th March, the coming public sector strikes, the military intervention in Libya and much more.

Click the picture above to see PDF, or see below for list of articles as they are uploaded. Email if you are interested in purchasing a printed copy, or in distributing The Commune.

30th june: the next step – editorial of The Commune

‘no to tesco’: the first funky riot in bristol – Oleg Resin reports on the 21st April ‘riot’ in Bristol

diverse, colourful, joyful, but angry! – Alice Robson writes on her experience teaching, and campaigning in defence of, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

long live the free hetherington! – Liam T. of Scottish Socialist Youth reports on a stunning success for occupiers at Glasgow Uni

how can we beat austerity? – strikes and other action must be controlled by workers themselves, argues Tom Denning

disempowerment in front of the black bloc – Ellie Schling was concerned by the behaviour of the Black Bloc at the 26th March TUC demo

military intervention in libya: a debate – an online debate between Commune members about our attitude to the rebels and the ‘no-fly-zone’ in Libya, from late March

from social rebellion to tribal civil war- Mark Ellingsen analyses the composition and aims of the Libyan rebel movements

the NHS plays but a part in the health of the nation – East London GP Jonathon Tomlinson looks at the government’s attacks on the health care and the ever-increasing pressures on the NHS

from recession to (clinical) depression – Adam Ford writes on the social causes of depression

“our time is coming again” – Sheila Cohen reviews New Trade Union Activism: Class Consciousness or Social Identity? Sian Moore, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

taking a step forward – David Broder explains our plans to increase our voice and the help we need from our supporters