building for the june 30th strikes: discussion on monday 9th may

Time: 7pm, Monday 9 May
Location: Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street [Map] (near Aldgate East tube)

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30th June 2011 may well turn out to be the most important step forward in a mass fight against public sector cuts.
Hundreds of thousands of workers could be involved in strike action, from as many as four or five different unions including NUT, PCS, UCU and ATL.

Even as we know the strike plans to be inadequate – at the end of term, and just one day (again) – if we want to do more than complain about the union leadership, we need to discuss how to build for the chance of something better happening in the future.

– What can we do to make sure that the strike happens, and is as strong and well supported as possible?
– What about those who say they are reluctant to strike because a one day strike at the end of term won’t do anything?
– How can we involved service users and community members to strengthen the strike action and build the movement?
– How can we encourage politics beyond simply defending the welfare state we have on a Keynesian basis?
– Is there anything we can do to reach out to other groups of workers, encourage action lasting longer than a day, and ensure that the strike is controlled directly by strikers themselves?

Come and discuss these questions with other workers and service users from across London. The discussion will be begun with a brief presentation from a worker who will be on strike on that day, but the main aim of the evening is discussion. Public sector workers are especially welcome.  For the Facebook ‘event’ – click here.  For some thoughts from one PCS activist, see here

Please let us know if there is anything we may be able to do to help with child care.

Any Unite members might also want to consider the Grassroots Left Conference on Saturday 7 May:

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