quarterly aggregate meeting: saturday 11th june

On Saturday 11th June, The Commune will hold our next quarterly aggregate meeting.  The meeting is open to all members and friends of the group who’re interested in organising with us, so if you’re interested in attending, drop us a line at uncaptiveminds@gmail.com.  The aggregate will be held at a central London location between 12 noon and 5pm.

At our last aggregate, the discussion allowed us to share and clarify our views on anti-cuts work, its current shortcomings, and how we might be able to do better.  This time we will be focussing on improving our organisation and paper.  We will be discussing the purpose of the paper, and a proposal to vastly increase its print run and free distribution.  Our decision will be based on a general consideration of how we see our role as communists, and the function of The Commune as an organisation.