italy reading group: class struggle during the second world war

The next of the London Commune’s reading group meetings on the class struggle in Italy takes place on Monday 30th May. This week we will be looking at the wave of class struggle unleashed by the events of World War II; the collapse of Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime; and the struggle over the post-Liberation social order.

The recommended reading is just two articles, even though each is fairly long. We have prepared a reading pack, including a timeline of events. Click here to download.

The pack includes:

–  ‘A hope unfulfilled’: David Broder writes on the disappointed revolutionary aspirations of the WWII-era left. The article is about both France and Italy, with some general context as well.

– ‘The left wing opposition in Italy during the period of the resistance’: Arturo Peregalli on the left-communist opposition to the Communist Party’s ‘national resistance’ line. (Part of a study of the far left: see long version here).

The meeting takes place from 7pm at Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, near Aldgate East station.

Doing the reading is not compulsory, although we find the discussion is more participatory and better-informed if people try to come prepared.