the commune issue 23 out now!

Issue 23 of The Commune is now available. It features articles on the ongoing struggles in Egypt, the build up to the 30th June strikes, AC Grayling’s private university, and much more.

Click the picture above to see PDF, or see below for list of articles as they are uploaded. Email if you are interested in purchasing a printed copy, or in distributing The Commune.


slutwalk: because we’ve had enough – Bahar Mustafa reports on London SlutWalk

grayling’s atrocity: and what to do about it – Daniel Harvey looks at New College of the Humanities, AC Grayling’s private ‘university’

dear comrades – letters on June 30th; community organising; post workers’ strike


the revolution in egypt – Tali Janner-Klausner writes from Cairo on the military provisional government and efforts to deepen the struggle

nobody expects the spanish revolution – Reports from the town-square occupations movement in Seville and Barcelona

another UN presidential (s)election in haiti – José Antonio Gutiérrez D. writes on the new order in UN-occupied Haiti


the councils of despair – Sheila Cohen explores the significance of last month’s elections

why us? possilpark youth speak out against dispersal zone – Dawn Hunter introduces an interview she conducted with youth in the Possilpark area of Glasgow, subject to a trial ‘dispersal zone’ order

the beautiful game in ireland: a story of neglect – Donal O’Falluin writes on Irish working-class football culture

Theory and history

national divisions and the eurozone in crisis – Oisín Mac Giollamóir explores the complexity of how the Eurozone crisis affects particular states

making a killing: suicide under capitalism – Tom Denning writes on the social meaning of suicide

the first working-class revolution – 140 years after its defeat, the legacy of the Paris Commune is still hotly contested. Clifford Biddulph explains its meaning