our second issue of the new commune is now out!

The second issue of our new look paper is now available. It features a selection of viewpoints from The Commune’s debate on the riots, an extensive assessment of the eurozone financial crisis, a look at the working class and the education system, and a lot else besides…

We’re feeling very proud about the success of our previous free edition of the paper, and hope this one will keep that going forward. We have given over a large section to a discussion of the riots, but the month has seen other major events in the economy and Libya and have given space to that as well. There is a full list of articles below.

You can download a pdf copy of the paper by clicking here, or the image above.  As always we ask that if you enjoy or disagree with any of our features then please write to us and we can feature your views in the next edition. If you would like copies to distribute then send us a message at uncaptiveminds@gmail.com, and we will send some copies in the post.


riot in the city – the editorial discusses the crisis in capitalism and our communities

no state bans – on self-defeating calls for a ban on EDL protests

struggles news in brief – an overview of different stuggles happening at present

news and local perspectives on the riots

liverpool: police on the offensive – James Roberts writes on the attacks on young people in Merseyside, and the community response to the riots.

peckham: the fury must not be forgotten – Sharon Borthwick reports on the riots in south-east London

ruling class justice system shows its true face – Taimour Lay explains the meaning of the post-riot show trials

riots analysis

Our website featured an extensive debate on the riots, and many more views than could be fit into the paper can be found there.

…or does it explode? – Joe Thorne introduces the debate

nothing to lose, nothing to win – David Broder explains what he sees as the political vacuum underlying the riots

when ‘normal’ behaviour is meaningless – Clifford Biddulph argues for an engagement with the chaotic and elemental nature of class struggle


unhappy economies: greek debt, PIIGS and eurozone crisis – Oisin Mac Giollamoir explains the current european crisis and the relationship between debt and class struggle

giz a fightback – Terry Liddle reflects on his experience of the 1980s unemployed movement


200 day occupation delivers – Liam Turbett reports on Glasgow students’ victorious uni occupation

why is there class in the classroom? – Dave Spencer explores the reasons for working class under-achievement in the classroom


any hope for libya? – Joe Thorne writes on NATO’s role in post-Gaddafi Libya

re-evaluating interventionism? – Joe Thorne asks whether ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya is really cause to re-think imperialism