new issue of the commune

The third issue of our new-look free paper is now available. It features extensive coverage on the Eurozone crisis, articles on the bid for Palestinian statehood, life as a ‘chugger’ and much, much else besides. Click image to see the PDF, or see below for a list of articles.

While much of this issue is devoted to in-depth analysis of the economic crisis, we also have a number of pieces on workplace disputes and an essay on life as a ‘chugger’ (charity fundraiser. As always we ask that if you enjoy or disagree with any of our features then please write to us and we can feature your views in the next edition. If you would like copies to distribute then send us a message at, and we will send some copies in the post.


opposition and the cuts – The Commune‘s editorial looks at Labour conference and the 30th November strike day

a state of uncertainty – Pete Jones writes on the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations

balls to miliband! – Clifford Biddulph argues that Labour will never be on our side

the land of the free – Sharon Borthwick writes on the race and class prejudice behind the US death penalty, in the aftermath of the state killing of Troy Davis

workplace + organising

life as a ‘chugger’ – owing money to your boss – An ex-fundraiser recounts life working in the charity sector, where employers’ ‘ethical credentials’ are far from the reality

pickets and porkie pies at fujitsu – Mark Harrison visited the Fujitsu picket in Manchester for the latest in a series of strikes

sparks fly in electricians’ dispute – Siobhan Breathnach reports on the battle over wages in construction

rank-and-file initiative launched – Adam Ford writes on the ‘Sparks’ group

cleaning up the industry – Siobhan Breathnach writes on a fresh turn in cleaners’ fight for a living wage

a weekend at dale farm – Daniel Harvey writes on the travellers’ fight against eviction


a very political crisis – David Broder looks at the crisis in Italy and its meaning for Europe

the whac-a-mole approach to fixing the euro – Oisín Mac Giollamóir explains European politicians’ ongoing failure to avert crisis

three myths about the crisis – Conrad Russell challenges common left myths about the meaning of the crisis, highlighting the significance of class struggle in shaping events

a beginner’s guide to marx’s capital – John Keeley attempts to explain cyclical crises and longer term trends

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