‘this could be heaven for everyone’

Public meeting on the student movement, hosted by the London Commune. From 7pm on Thursday 10th (the day after the NCAFC demo)

Last winter saw massive protests against the rise in tuition fees and cuts to EMA. We had the amazing riot at Millbank Tory HQ, school and college students marched and there were campus occupations and direct action up and down the country. But even all of this wasn’t enough to win.

The Lib Dems were wounded, the left groups picked up some new members, thousands of us could feel what solidarity means. But still students today face a harder position than ever. The cutters and privatisers are still on the offensive.

The problem was, we never really had a strategy for how we were actually going to defeat the Tories. And it wasn’t just because the NUS didn’t speak for us (what use have they ever been anyway?). One year on, we all know just ‘keeping on marching’ won’t be enough to stop the cuts.

The Commune is hosting a meeting on Thursday so we can discuss what kind of student politics can defeat the government. We won’t just be talking about linking up with trade unions or taking over SUs or promoting various other campaigns students might get involved with. Rather, we want to talk about how students can fight around our own material needs and win, in a way that also contributes to the wider struggle to revolutionise society.

The meeting will be introduced by activists involved in last year’s occupations at UCL, LSE and Goldsmiths but the majority of the time will be for discussion and debate. All welcome.

From 7pm-8:30pm (and we’ll stick around for pints after) on Thursday 10th, upstairs at The Lamb, 94 Lamb’s Conduit Street, near Russell Square tube. Map: http://g.co/maps/g5mq5, ring 07595 245494 if you get lost en route.