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George Galloway’s victory in the Bradford West by-election has caused a stir, says duvinrouge.

The people massively voted for a candidate to the left of Labour even with a Tory-FibDem coalition. This has got Labour nervous and inspired the Left. However, as much as Galloway appears to be on the side of ordinary people as opposed to the rich, he is another political ego on another stage of his trip. The whole parliamentary system is full of them, all dreaming about one day being Prime Minister. Today more and more people are fed up with the egos. Not just the political variety but the corporate whores as well. Increasingly people are realizing that they don’t need to put up with them. That society can be run without structures promoting power and control. That society is one of direct democracy. That is, communism. All over the world people have got a taste of direct democracy through the Occupy movement & their General Assemblies. Tahir Square has spawned workers’ councils. We can organize society to meet our needs rather than just being used to generate profit for an elite.

Out with the professional political egos ruling; in with delegates & assemblies!

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  1. Hi Henry

    You should make your points about Galloway rather than call us all childish. What’s the point of being rude? If you do not want to engage in debate why bother?

    But whatever you feel is significant about the Galloway election victory and hopefully you will elaborate, at least we don’t regard the election victory as some harbinger for the transformation of the labour party as the CPGB.

    The vote for Galloway was an anti austerity vote which was unable to express itself through the Labour party because it accepts the cuts and is openly pro business.

    Peter Manson writing in the current weekly worker sees the Galloway effect as a the beginnings of a tidal wave which will transform the labour party. As with Livingstone it seems the Labour Party is a distorted expression of working class interests even though Manson accepts Labour anti cuts candidates are far and few between. In fact they are so few he does not name them.

    Peter Manson accepts that like the Labour party Livingstone accepts the cuts and does not stand for a working class solution only unrealistic keynesianism. But he calls for a vote for Livingstone anyway. The politics of lesser evil.


  2. Henry,

    Galloway represents what will be the key split on the left: those who still focus on parliament & party hierarchy, & those who see that the mood has changed to be very firmly against political egos promoting themselves & their parties to one where direct participation & equality in decision making is key.

    Afterall, communism is actually all about equality in decision making.


  3. As much as we dislike gorgeous george’s huge ego. We do have to conclude that in britain, france, greece there is an electoral swing to the left. An anti-austerity platform is emerging which is popular and bringing votes to the left.
    I couldnt say that this move left in elections is a sharp move to the left. BUt together with recent general strikes in spain, portugal, greece and in britain nov 30th (the largest strike of workers since the general strike) there is a shift going on.
    The left needs to find a vehicle to unite in order to put a fighting line to the class.
    Your commune website seems interesting but with little direction. ENjoyed chris ford on early london socialists.
    pete bloomer


  4. The swing to the left? Well, as you know, it depends how you define left. There has hardly been any swing to the political left in Britain. There was the usual token protest,Nov 30th, by the trade unions. But the labour party is not left, in terms even of the mildly left socialist president in France. Rebranding of austerity a one of our comrades put it. At least an anti austerity promise. Labour are not anti austerity but a slower austerity programme and now a nationalist referendum proposed on Europe. Blame Europe for the double dip recession.Labour has gathered support not for a left policy, but the perceived incompetence of the coalition and their rich boys image. Greece is totally different with a swing towards the extreme left or extreme in a British context. Is voting for or attempting to transform the Labour party a direction or an historical detour?


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