june 2012 issue of the commune – out now!

Issue 30 of The Commune is now available. It features a bottom up view of the UK public sector pensions dispute, an article on how our public spaces are changing, new developments on the left and more besides.

The paper is free: click the image above to download the PDF. See below for a list of articles as they are posted online.


sparks show the way – this month’s editorial looks at the different trajectories taken by electricians’ and haulage drivers’ struggles

phony war in uk pensions dispute – a london based college worker writes about the top down nature in which the struggle is being conducted

The Left

new anti-capitalist initiative launched – Jackie Lucas sees a chance to work in the ACI but is wary of Trotskyist practices

the way forward for the left? – Chris Strafford wants communists to relate to mass movements, and reflects on his experience for the CPGB

Current Events

you can’t say that! – Ollie Sutherland was not impressed by most of the left’s approach to the London Mayoral election

deeper into essex: how you are allowed in your city – Sharon Borthwick reviews Anna Minton ‘Ground Contol: Fear and happinnes in the twenty-first century city’ and looks at how our public spaces are changing, especially in relation to the Olympics


made in rochdale: exported globally – Scumboni offers a radical defence of worker co-operatives

the paradox of internationalism from below – Barry Biddulph continues our series on the national question


dave spencer 1940-2012 – Jim Schofield remembers our dear friend and comrade


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