roving picket against workfare in london this saturday

As part of the National Week of Action Against Workfare from July 7th to 14th, some members of The Commune are helping to organise direct action against workfare’s main offenders.

Meet this Saturday July 7, mid day near Goodge St station.

Workfare isn’t just unpaid labour for the unemployed and a major attack on benefits. It is an attack on all working people – on their jobs, pay & conditions, and their ability to organise. We need to fight workfare together, whether or not we are in work, and whether or not we are on benefits.

Invite your friends, family, campaigning group, union branch. Also, if you can, bring things to liven it up: banners, placards, musical instruments and noise makers.

The leaflets we’ll be using are found below (print some and bring them along if you can):

2 thoughts on “roving picket against workfare in london this saturday

  1. There doesn’t seem to be enough publicity given to this direct attack on working pay and conditions. It goes out on the media, when it does, as getting the work-shy to work for their money. When in actual fact it is increasing the employers profit margin, undermining those employed and sabotaging wages and conditions of all employed.


  2. The media can spin anything to its advantage. Reality has a left-wing bias, but how people find out about it (the media) has the opposite bias…


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