imperialism and the national question

3:45-5:15pm on Saturday 19th June, part of the Beyond Resistance day school

The western powers have been forced out of their colonies, but imperialism still exists. Bodies like the UN, IMF and NATO run an imperialist order which structures global capitalism. This  international system brings war; the super-exploitation of workers in the developing world; the plunder of natural resources; and the uprooting of communities.

Imperialism and the national question thus remain key questions for communists. But what is our answer: what can we learn from the experience of communists in the developing world, what attitude should we take to national liberation movements and what does this tell us about how to fight our ‘own’ government’s imperialism? Join the debate.

The session will be introduced by speakers Andy Higginbottom (Colombia Solidarity Campaign activist) David Broder (The Commune) and Tom Gaynor (Manchester Anarchist Federation).

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